Lent Day Seven

Lent Day Seven

Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Late Lent post. I said I would write something every day and I still have a few hours left in this day. My apologies for the delay. So we are off today with congratulations to the Lady Bears of Baylor for winning the Big 12 NCAA Women’s basketball championship last night. You can put the trophy next to the one you won in football. I bet you did not think Baylor would be “other” school when Texas A&M left the Big 12 Conference, did you? I feel certain neither did the Texas Longhorns. Speaking of The University, I see where their former football coach Major Applewhite is “spending time with the family.” We all know this is a euphemism that means “no one has hired me.” Trust me, Major, I know what you are going through. Maybe you and Vince Young could hold quarterback camps for promising young football players. I know several schools are in need, including your alma mater and mine. If you have to do something to feed the family, may I suggest getting a job hawking beer at Texas sporting events? I understand an eight ounce plastic glass of beer sells for $8.00. Let me do the logistics. I can sit in the hot sun at DRK Memorial Stadium or Disch-Faulk Field or McCombs Field and drink one beer for eight dollars. Or I can sit in my air-conditioned living room, watch the game on The Longhorn Network and drink all six beers in a six pack for eight dollars. Two six packs if it is Pearl Beer. And I never have to wait in line at the Women’s Room. But good luck, Major and do not rule out selling beer. The University of Texas has got to pay for that new medical school somehow.

3 responses to “Lent Day Seven

  1. DKR not DRK Stadium


  2. Yea for sitting on behind with own bathroom, etc.etc. Also, the hassle of parking; walking miles to the stadium; fighting the crowd to get in; climbing stairs up and down to find your seat; loud, loud; obnoxious jerks climbing over you to get to their seats spilling their $8 beer. Think I could go on but your get the message.



  3. All true. I see you are referring to Texas Tech fans.


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