Lent Day Six

Lent Day Six

Monday, March 10, 2014. Speaking of Chicago – the group – not the Toddling Town on the shore of Lake Michigan. I could not stand Chicago either. I had repressed
Color My World and all versions and events where the song was played until someone read yesterday’s paragraph and reminded me of it. And what was that other Chicago song with the numbers? Was it 25, or 6 to 4? Or was it 25 Ought Six Two Fore? It is one of those songs where everybody hears and sings something different. I used to think a line in a song was “I got a friend in Detroit.” The actual line is “I got a friend in Jesus.” Jesus. Detroit. Not even close phonetically or any way else other than my brain. While we are still talking about songs: Sing along now: with the Mamas and the Papas “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.” How many Mondays have you thought about those lyrics? This is one of those songs where everyone thinks they can sing both harmony and be a backup singer. The more alcohol consumed, the more harmony thought to be sung. After tequila shot number three, you think you are singing all four parts at the same time by yourself. My grandmother, Mamaw Faust, had such a horrible voice we were embarrassed to go church with her. Not only was it pretty much the one same note, the decibel level was such there was no doubt whether Mrs. Faust was in attendance that day. I like that now. If you can’t sing good, sing loud. I doubt Jesus or Detroit really cares how you sound as long as you sing.

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