Friday, October 14, 2021 – It’s Snarky Friday and College Football by Snarky and the Snarketts

Friday, October 14, 2021 – It’s Snarky Friday and College Football by Snarky and the Snarketts

Dr. Snark just returned from the eye doctor where she got her eyes checked. I always ask for plaid, but it is always checked.

Having said that, today I am pretending I am a zebra shirted referee and unable to see or read the rule book. However, in a couple of hours my pupils will be normal sized again and I can see clearly. I cannot make that statement for tomorrow’s referees.

But moving onward…

Our first Snark is Remembrance of the Divine Kick that will last in video and memories for decades. – Alabama 38 – Texas A&M 41

Poor Clemson is relegated to Friday night and plays Syracuse tonight at 6:00 on ESPN. A great orange battle contest for mediocrity.

Once again, the really good football games are at 11:00 AM. I bet this is because the Major League Baseball players are happening. So go Astros. Beat the Red Sox. Don’t cheat this time!

Kicking the pigskin at 11:00 we have a multitude of games.

THE University of Texas and Oklahoma State at 11:00 on Fox. Go Pokes! The Flagship schools of Oklahoma 2; The Flagship of Texas 0. OSU is undefeated. What is your record, TU?

Texas A&M and Missouri are on SECN at 11:00. Do not let the Spirit drop. Missouri is the Show Me State and Aggies must show me (and the rest of college football) that they are for real.

Auburn and Arkansas at 11:00 on CBS. This could be good. A battle for a respectable place in the conference and maybe a decent bowl game. Go Hogs!

UCF and Cincinnati 11:00 on ABC  These Bearkats are fun to watch. Great uniforms in red threads. The Big 12 should be scared.

Florida is at LSU on ESPN at 11:00. Tiger tiger, burning not so bright this year. But hey – a rivalry is a rivalry. Florida is wearing all orange??? What??? That could be ugly – not to mention the outcome for LSU. It’s a really hot seat for LSU Coach Orgeron. But I’m sure Urban Meyer might be available soon.

At Baylor and BYU – BYU gets a vision of Life in the Big 12. I am having visions that there will be a dunking in the Brazos. The Norman Tap and Apple Choir will not sing in McClane Stadium. ESPN at 2:30.

Georgia and Kentucky at 2:30 on CBS. We get to see if Kentucky is for real. I don’t think so. Georgia will be on everybody’s mind until January 2022.

Alabama visits Starkville and Mississippi State. Kick off is at 6:00 on ESPN. I would not want to be State in this contest. The Crimson in Crimson Tide is for embarrassment.

Ole Miss and Tennessee 6:30 SECN – I wonder what the climate is like in the Manning families when these two teams play. Fourth Down Go For It, Kiffen returns to Tennessee. Volunteers were not happy when he stayed for one season and then left for USC. Rocky Top remembers Lane! PS Lane. I’ve got my popcorn and the microwave is plugged in. Pop goes the Rebels!

Welcome Fall Temperatures. It is supposed to be in the mid 50’s in the morning. Texans are pulling out their sweaters.

BTHO Missouri!

One response to “Friday, October 14, 2021 – It’s Snarky Friday and College Football by Snarky and the Snarketts

  1. I’m not sure if Big Solid will be able to turn the TV on. It’s going to be a really really really bad day for the Bulldogs. Where’s Ted Lasso when you need him!


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