Monday, October 18, 2021 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

Monday, October 18, 2021 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

It was another wild weekend in college football. Most were good and exciting games until the Hillbillies from Tennessee did not like a fourth down call and proceeded to turn Neyland Stadium into a recycling center and embarrass the SEC.

But it is Monday so here are my awards for Week Seven of college football season.

Shhh! Whisper. I am giving the Volunteers of Tennessee the Rocky Top Riot Award for the H20 Water Bottle Bowl for Horrible Sportsmanship. If I come up short, do not tell them, because they might throw golf balls and/or beer cans, water bottles and bottles of mustard. I’m going to go with the brown stuff in the water bottles as Skoal tobacco. Ole Miss 31 Tennessee 26

Continuing with throwing things  – The Fun While It At #2 Lasted trophy goes to Iowa for losing to unranked Purdue. Purdue 24 Iowa 7. The Boilermaker Award goes to the Purdue fan who tossed a Bud Lite beer to a Purdue player who proceeded to douse himself. Note: who has a full beer at the end of a game? Same type individual that carries golf balls to a game.

BYU Baylor 24 38 – The Waco Welcome Wagon Award goes to the BYU Mormonite Cougars as Baylor welcomed the team to the Big 12 with a resounding defeat of 38 to 24 to round out Baylor homecoming. I award a You Still Got It Award to Robert Griffith III. While leading the Good Ole Baylor line on the field, he was jogging along, waving to the crowd, waving back to his wife, when he realized a student was about to overtake him. RGIII turned on the jets and barely beat the kid to break the tape.

Texas A&M 35 Mizoo 14 – The Aggies do receive the Show Me Award because the Ags did continue to show us improvement.

Oklahoma State 32 Texas 24 – To THE University of Texas Longhorns, I award the Silver Anniversary Award. The last time the Burnt Orange lost two games in a row after leading by double digits was 25 years ago. Please know TU that officials are working on your SEC schedule. So far, based on your Big 12 play this year, your SEC schedule consists of Vanderbilt, Missouri, South Carolina, Maybe Florida, University of Connecticut, and OU.

The Bust Your Bubble Award goes to the Kentucky Wildcats losing to Georgia 13 to 30. When does basketball season start Kentucky?

Alabama 49 Mississippi State 9 – To the Rolling Tide you receive the We’re BACK from Our Lapse Award!

LSU 49 Florida 42 – The Surprise Victory and Goodbye Award goes to LSU. To Coach Ed Orgeron, we wish you the best next season. To LSU alumni –  DO NOT DARE CROSS THAT STATE LINE AND COME AFTER JIMBO. Remember, TAMU is still a military school. Not to mention our gun laws in Texas.

One response to “Monday, October 18, 2021 – My Monday After Saturday College Football Awards

  1. Janne Swearengen

    I am also thinking of the University of TN as the recipient of the Cob Award but most of the cobs are likely cooking in local white lightnin’ gins hidden in them thar hills.

    We have also considered the addition of yet another award…The Stepped on Our Gonads award. That would most certainly go to MS State for not showing up for any of the game against Bama.

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