Monday, November 2, 2020 – What Time Is It?

Goodness, I detest the time change.  So I am probably an hour late with My Monday After College Football Awards

Let’s have the Big 12 Conference step up. No, seriously, you need to step up if you plan to be a Power Five Conference.

TCU 33 Baylor 23 – To Baylor I am awarding the When Does Women’s Basketball Season Start?

K-State 10 West Virginia 37 – Even though you lost K-State, I am awarding the Best Use of Football Field Color That Is Not Green to you and to TCU. And maybe the SFA Lumberjacks.

Texas 41 Oklahoma State 34 OT – Best Use of Halloween Colors to both teams; To THE University of Texas I give the WIIOTA Award (Win It In Overtime Time Again). But I still think the Texas Exes are restless.

To Oklahoma State – I am awarding the Adele Award (You Coulda Had It All!) and the John Heisman Award. No, that Heisman, but not that Heisman Award. This one: “Gentlemen, it is better to have died as a small boy than to fumble this football.” John Heisman

Georgia 14 KY 3 – Georgia wins the Peggy Lee Award for Is That All There Is?

LSU 11 Auburn 48 – To the LSU Tigers I award the Eagles’ Desperado Award why don’t you come to your senses?

Mississippi State 0 and Alabama 41 – I award Pirate Mike Leach of Mississippi State the FINS Award. “Can’t you see them circling, honey; Can’t you feel them swimming around; You got fins to the left; fins to the right and you’re the only bait in town.” Thank you, Mr. J. Buffet.

Missouri 17 Florida 41. The Saturday Afternoon Fights Award.

Florida wins the brawl, but the SEC fines Florida Coach Dan Mullens $25,000 for violating Rule 9.5.1.b – Fighting = Suspension. Georgia wins the half-game suspension for two Florida players.  Mullens should be suspended too!

And now my comments to the Top 10 according to the AP Poll

  1. Clemson – Ricky Riccardo – “Lucy? You got some splaining to do.” How does the opponent score 28 points when it is the Clemson QB that is COVID out?
  2. Alabama – Receives the Rough and Rowdy Haines Award – Rolling, Rolling Rolling; Keep the TIDE a rollin, Roll ON!
  3. Ohio State – No award for only playing a few games. Here is a I Participated Certificate.
  4. Notre Dame – FOUR! As in golf. Why are you fourth? You have played Duke, South Florida, and Georgia Tech?  Perhaps because your next games are Clemson, Boston College (The Battle of the Catholics), North Carolina, Syracuse and Wake Forest.
  5. Georgia – You better get it together Between the Hedges the Gators are coming.
  6. Cincinnati – You get a first Welcome Wagon Award. Nice helmets. Who are you, by the way?
  7. Texas A&M – The dark horse is wearing maroon.
  8. Florida – Winner of brawls and suspensions.
  9. BYU – As they say, “Once in a blue moon.
  10. Wisconsin – I thought you were still in quarantine.

If you have not already vote, please ensure that you do. Stay Safe!

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