Friday, October 30, 2020 – Spooky Snarky Friday

Friday, October 30, 2020 – Spooky Snarky Friday

It promises to be an Edward Bulwer-Lytton weekend – aka – It was a dark and stormy night.  Mr.Bulwer- Lytton was the first to use the cliché. Of course, it was not a cliché in 1830.

Nevertheless, we have a full moon, which is also a Blue Moon, Halloween, followed by the dreaded Fall Back time change and then the election of a lifetime.

Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Thank you, Ms. Bette Davis.

Moving downfield toward football. First, we have the COVID victories

Trevor Lawrence of Clemson

Wisconsin and Nebraska game canceled.

But for teams I like and teams that play teams I like we have some potentially good games .

Kicking off Saturday will be Georgia and Kentucky on the SEC Network @ 11:00 – Sorry, no Blue Moon of Kentucky for you, Wildcats.

I don’t know, nor do I care who else is playing in the 11:00 time slot. I am going to the grocery and liquor store to get my Election Night supplies.

But at 2:30 we have LSU and Auburn on CBS. – Can the Auburn “magic” repeat? Or have the referees actually read a rule book and/or got their vision checked at their local optometrist?

These are the teams whose fans must endure or mute Gary Danielson who will be talking throughout the game.

My and obviously others’ impression of Gary.

1. “The left guard really opened the play for the running back who just gained 52 yards.  It reminds me of Joe Nobody Remembers in the 1998 Rose Bowl Game…”

2. Texas A&M and others – “Yes, it was a 98-yard kick-off return for the Aggies, but the opposing defense never gave up on chasing him. Reminds me of the 2000 Cotton Bowl…”

3. “The running back went to the right. I don’t know what kind of play call that was. I certainly would not have called a play like that…”

I am not the only one. Apparently, CBS has been inundated with requests to remove the biased, rambling commentator, with apparently a large contingency coming from the SEC. But good news is that after this year, CBS will no longer hold a broadcasting contract with the SEC. The rest of you conferences are on your own.

Upon my return from the grocery store, I shall watch TCU and Baylor at 2:30 on ESPN2. This is a much bigger rivalry than one thinks.

Ole Miss and Vanderbilt on the SEC at 3:00 – Kiffie takes out his and the Rebels frustrations on Vanderbilt.

At 3:00 on FOX we have what promises to be an exciting game between Texas University and Oklahoma State University. It will be the last opportunity for THE University of Texas to save some element of face.

Oklahoma at Texas Tech 7:00 on Fox – Given the way each team has played, this could be a toss-up.

We have Mississippi State versus Alabama at 6:00 on ESPN – Oh, Pirate Mike? Is this your first game against St. Nick? You are going to need more than one play. If any team knows how to defend a Run and Shoot, it is Alabama. Once again, have you thought of using The Wishbone? It is not just a series from the 1990’s about a dog.

And opposite the Tide Rolling over State, there is Arkansas versus Texas A&M at 6:30 on the SEC Network. This is always a thrilling game – even when Arkansas was bad, games resulted in Overtimes.  Thus, this is going to be dependent on which teams show up to play.  Did I mention it is Halloween during a Blue Moon? If the Aggies are “For Real” now will be the time to show it. But the game is in Spooky Kyle Field with an extremely high decibel level. 

BTHO Arkansas!

Stay safe. Wear your mask. And VOTE!

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