October 16, 2020 – Snarky Friday in Spite of COVID

October 16, 2020 – Snarky Friday in Spite of COVID

There are so many games postponed that Snark decided to postpone Snarky Friday until the afternoon.

Tonight we have SMU and Tulane on ESPN @ 5:00 followed by BYU and University of Houston. This is as of the afternoon. Go Ponies! Go Shasta!

For Saturday, who’s playing and who’s postponed?

First from the Big 12

Baylor and Oklahoma State game postponed.

Texas Tech, TCU, and Iowa State appear to be off this weekend. With OU and TU having a wound licking, defense hunting bye week, that leaves West Virginia and Kansas on Fox @ 11:00.

Maybe if there were actually 12 teams in the Big 12 there would be more games.

To the SEC

LSU and Florida postponed.

Vanderbilt and Missouri postponed.

But we do have I dream of Jeannie with the light brown air – aka Auburn – playing South Carolina at 11:00 on ESPN. I hope SC wears those black uniforms again. I hope Auburn misses the bus.

Or there is Kentucky and Tennessee at 11:00 on the SEC Network. Blue checkerboard squares versus faded orange checkerboard squares.

At 2:30 the Arkansas Razorbacks take on Kiffie and Old Miss on the SEC Network. Tusk? Watch for sign stealing; exploding Head Coach Kiffie, blind referees and please bring a substantial defense. Soooey Pigs!

At the Almost Happy Hour, but Five O’clock somewhere time of 3:00 it will be game of maroon and white with Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Texas A&M Aggies on ESPN. Will the cowbells ring? Now, Mike Air Raid. The entire SEC knows your one play, so this will be a case of who is faster, with better hands, and no interference penalties.  

And, Mike? For the number of times Michael Crabtree and Texas Tech beat almost every team in the Big 12, including TAMU years, in a last minute touchdown play to spoil their season and/or bowl selection — I hope your receivers miss the ball at least that many times (for Texas, Baylor, A&M and Oklahoma State) and then some. Revenge is often served cold.

Georgia and Alabama at 7:00 on CBS. Oh crap on a cracker! That means Gary Danielson – Worst ever! Never stops talking! We don’t care what you say! Just shut up, man!  Other than Motor Mouth this will be a good one. Just Mute Gary!

We do wish Coach Saban and AD Burns speedy recoveries from their recent COVID testing positive. We also wish a speedy recovery for the Alabama defense and hope they are for real this week. ROLL TIDE!

BTHO Mississippi State

Wear the mask. Stay safe. And DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

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