Friday, October 9, 2020 – Snark on Snark Friday

Friday, October 9, 2020 – Snark on Snark Friday

Let’s do the Big 12 first and just get them out of the way.

Our Saturday will begin at 11:00 am when THE University of Texas and Oklahoma University play in the Embarrassment Game. At least one of these teams will get to say “Well, at least I beat TU/OU” This games airs on Fox.

In an air assault on the big time ABC at 2:30 we find the Texas Tech Tortillas and the Iowa State Cyclones.  While Tech certainly know about cyclones, this one could be a good, but long game and down the wire.

At 3:00 on Fox the Big 12 fans turn to Kansas State and TCU in the purple game. I hope TCU wears those uniforms with the purple shark looking teeth round their neck. It brought them luck last week. I also hope Gary Patterson body slams a referee like he did last week for a penalty.

Moving to the conference that just means more, at 11:00 we find LSU thankfully playing at Missouri and avoiding Hurricane Delta.  Tigers tigers burning bright.

On the SEC Network don’t look for Uncle Will Muschamp’s head to explode against Vanderbilt at 11:00.

And the Gators of Florida and the Fighting Texas Aggies kick off at 11:00 in Kyle Field on ESPN. It will be either a Willie Nelson Bloody Mary Morning or a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville start of the day.

Following the Aggie/Florida game on ESPN at 3:00 is Arkansas and Auburn. A factoid to store away for trivia night is that the business school at Arkansas was accredited in 1946 when the school became an university. When did the Auburn business school become accredited? Jimmy Carter was president.

Will, Jimbo and Gus? Rumor has it that there is a shortage of Bic lighters in your towns due to the fact that SC, A&M and Auburn alums are thinking of hot seats.

Tennessee and Georgia kick at 2:30 on CBS. This means you will need to mute Gary Danielson’s biased, rambling, no one cares what you say, announcing. Go Dawgs!

Mike and Mississippi State are happy to be in Kentucky and away from any deltas including the Big Delta Hurricane too. Game airs at 6:30 on the SEC Network. Go Dogs!

ESPN 6:30 on ESPN. Alabama and Ole Miss in the Geritol Game. Kiffin? Did your Mama not raise you right? It is not polite to make fun of old people. As my Mama used to tell me “Shut up! You gonna be like that yourself one day.”

You challenge an “elderly” (your words) person to a challenge.  You said you could beat Saban one on one. You are 45 years old. Nick Saban is 68.

Kiffie, you Snark? You have about 5 more years before everything hurts when you wake up in the morning. Your knees go out. Your shoulders hurt and all moving joints just don’t seem to move as they used to. This does not even include internal body happenings.

Saban is smart enough to realize your challenge was stupid. HWIT, the weight of Saban’s championship rings weight down his hands and would impede his speed. ROLL TIDE!


Early Voting Starts Tuesday in Texas! VOTE!

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