Friday, October 2, 2020 – Snarky Friday

Friday, October 2, 2020 – Snarky Friday

Time for the previews of Saturday College Football among the COVID.

Let’s welcome the Big 10 Conferences and schools. NOT! Ohio State? Michigan? You think you can jump in any time and play a few games and still be eligible for the Big Asterisk Championship Trophy?

Let’s start with the 11:00 Brunch a Bunch 11 games.

Baylor at West Virginia on ABC – Yawn. The Bears and the Backpackers. Backpack is another word of mountaineer.  Remember when West Virginia wins, they burn couches. I don’t know why. Probably some hillbilly tradition from way back in the hills. SIC ‘EM BEARS!

TCU and Texas on Fox – THE University of Texas, Banjo Boy and the Horns will do some Frog gigging on TCU. Horns need to ensure Banjo Boy does not test positive for COVID. A two-week quarantine will take you out of any contention.

There are other games from the Big 12 Conference, but really? Who cares?

South Carolina and Florida on ESPN – A Tisket, a Traskit, Muschamp gets a blue and orange basket. Gamecocks cannot rise to the occasion.

Missouri and Tennessee on the SEC – whatever and whoever wins. Possible ugly uniform contestants.

These games allow plenty of time to prepare for the afternoon and evening games which will be much better.

At 3:00 on the SEC Network we have the Shades of Blue Game with Kentucky and Ole Miss. This could be a good cat and dog fight.  I forgot to post this last week. I am not sure if this is made from old pop tops from beer cans, office binder rings or what.

In the evening we find the 6:30 time slot on the SEC Alternate with Arkansas and Mississippi State. This is the opportunity to see which team is real and which team is Memorex. Who knew Leach’s Run and Gun offense would work in the SEC. Well, we shall see if it really does.

LSU and Vanderbilt on the SEC Network at 6:30 – Here is some advice for the Tigers. Do not run the ball out of the end zone and watch out for the safety – not that position; the 2-point score.

Auburn and Georgia ESPN at 6:30. This could be another cat and dog fight. Go DAWGS!

It seems as though I have forgotten a game.  If only it were the big game to turn the corner. At 2:30 on CBS the real Texas A&M Team (not the one from last week) kicks off against Alabama.  With the game starting at 2:30 you should have plenty of time to get snacks from the store; alcohol from the liquor store and smelling salts from the pharmacy.  

Remember that chicken wire fence at the bar in The Blues Brothers movie? Here’s what I’m thinking. I am going to surround the TV with chicken wire and place a bucket beneath it to catch the glass shards. This is so when I get mad and start throwing beer bottles toward the TV, I will not endanger the TV. It is not the TV’s fault. How much money are we paying you, Jimbo?


Stay safe. Wear a mask. Get out and vote!

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