Tuesday, November 12, 2019 – Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 – Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio?

I know. I have not been to writing or thinking of anything lately. I actually had the old-fashioned croup! I started a new medicine a couple of weeks ago – eye drops of all things. It was last night as I was reading the “side effects may include” on the enclosed sheet of my new medicine that I read “may cause upper respiratory infections.” I suppose I should have read the possible side effects first. Anyhoo – I am no longer a cold medicine zombie.

I belong to one of those neighborhood apps. People post all kinds of things – lost pets, found pets, items for sale, suspicious crime activity (my fav), and requests for many items. Here is one from last week. Let’s hear it for autocorrect and proof reading.

Any spare demon jackets?

Hi there close and near by neighbors. I am currently trying to pick up a new hobby and it requires denim jackets. I am seeking used and old jackets. I’ve gone to thrift stores and resale shops but can’t find much. I don’t need to find brand new conditioned… I’ll accept old and used and any color.

Thank goodness the requestor clarified in the request. She did correct and update the post later.

I do not have any spare demon jackets. Heck, I do not even own a denim jacket. Stay warm.

Big Boy Steam Engine coming down the track in Navasota, Texas. November 8, 2019


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