Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday, August 5, 2019

Today prepare for an intellection! Intellection is a noun that means the action of understanding; the exercise of the intellect; reasoning.

Today, I am mopping my kitchen floor. I mop it every other month whether it needs it or not. I keep trying for an artistic endeavor to see if the red spilled spaghetti sauce or the multiple brown spots of coffee will invoke a design of spirituality that can be shown as artwork. You know, like those tortillas that have the face of Jesus? Or faces in the bark of trees? So far I have only managed a sneaker footprint that would make a crime lab proud and some large gray spots that resemble clouds.

My desire is to spill something on the floor that shapes into something that will cause the really bad news team from Bryan to come for an interview. Then I can begin to charge admission for people to come see the kitchen floor miracle artwork.

So today I am cleaning the floor canvas (tile) in order to start again. My ultimate goal is to get a large spot on the floor that resembles Reveille – the First Lady of Aggieland.

Oh well there goes the intellection. So much for the intellect and reasoning. I have to go mop the floor.

One response to “Monday, August 5, 2019

  1. LOVED THIS! My kitchen floor had a design, borne of intense neglect, that is the spitting image of Donald Trump, but I couldn’t stand looking at it, so I mopped it post haste.


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