Friday, May 10, 2019 – Why in The Devil Did You …

Friday, May 10, 2019 – Why in The Devil Did You…

The great Marsha Ball sings a song based on a hand written question posed in the margin of an old church hymnal. Why in the devil did you tell Louella everything you know?

Someday, someone is going to wonder the same thing about this hymnal.

Broadman Hymnal – copyright, 1940, by The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

Why in the devil did your write your name in the Baptist song book?

I needed it to play hymns. There were few piano players in Magnolia, so even bad ones like me had to step in on occasion.

In the hymnal written in nice penmanship is Alethia Baptist Church, Magnolia, Texas. Below is a stamp that reads ALETHIA BAPTIST CHURCH, MAGNOLIA, TEXAS

Below the stamp, in a different, handwriting is the message – Please leave this book in the church. Granted, all of the penned messages are written in cursive so it is doubtful many in the future will be able to read them.

I wrote my name on the inside page and obviously the book taken from the church is in my possession. This means I stole something from the church or somebody did and now I have it. Still means I’m going to Hell, Level 1 for stealing from the church or owning stolen property.

On page 477 is Hallelujah Chorus by George Frederick Handel. There seems like there should be a “The” before Hallelujah, but here is the page.

There are six pages of Hallelujah Chorus. I cannot imagine any members of Alethia Baptist Church singing something as difficult as HC and I do not remember any members of the First Baptist Church in Magnolia doing such a concert. Who could play the piano? I feel confident that today the First Baptist Church of Magnolia could definitely do a fine rendition of this masterpiece. The old Methodist Cokesbury Worship Hymnal Book didn’t have anything as audacious as Hallelujah Chorus.

Well, it ain’t Hallelujah Chorus, but it does kinda make want you to say “Amen” or “Hallelujah when Miss Marsha Ball sits at the keyboard, crosses her legs and plays Louella. Happy Friday.





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