Monday, March 11, 2019 – Urban Ax Throwing

Monday, March 11, 2019 – Urban Ax Throwing

I actually watched an urban ax throwing contest on ESPN2. I am pretty certain I now know more about ax throwing than you do. I am also pretty certain this is way more about ax throwing than you want to know.

I cannot wait for this to become an Olympic sport. What a fun way to settle world differences?

I am thinking this sport could rival corn hole. Just think of the tailgate opportunities at football games to throw axes at a board. What a fun way to celebrate Texas OU weekend, A&M/LSU Thanksgiving or Alabama playing anybody on Saturday. It would be great rival football weekends with fans throwing axes at each other.

There is a World Ax Throwing League with a governing board and everything.

I found this YouTube and I noticed that ax throwing in bars in very trendy.

The video is from New York City and the narrator actually discusses beer and sharp objects in the same environment. He goes on to say that after a couple of beers it will help you throw the ax. In a bar after a couple of beers, you probably should not give a person an ax. But in Texas you certainly do not want to try to take it away from them either. They might likely shoot you.

One of the women in the video states that ax throwing is a great stress relief. I bet it would relieve stress if you imagined someone as the target. Who can forget Johnny Carson and Ed Ames on The Tonight Show?

Get you Ax together and start tossing.

One response to “Monday, March 11, 2019 – Urban Ax Throwing

  1. Repeat after me 10 times…do not take take an axe from any Texan…Good advice , Delia!


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