Tuesday, February 5, 2019 – Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 – Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

It is day one of The Spring Festival. It is the Year of the Pig and a time to let fortune and happiness come and/or continue. Festivals and celebrations continue for five days.

I have on red to avoid the monsters; I have my pig roasting; my fireworks ready to light; my dragons to be tamed and my cookies with hopes of fortunes that bring happiness and wealth on all of us today and into the New Year.

The Pig is the 12th of all Chinese zodiac animals. Two myths exist about The Pig. The Jade Emperor decided the placement by the order in which the animals of the zodiac arrived to his party. The Pig was late because he overslept and was last to arrive and thus received last place. A second myth is that a wolf destroyed his house and he had to rebuild before he could leave. He must have had one of those straw or stick houses.

These are some Chinese taboos for the day. I think some of them are pretty good whether it is a new year or not.

  • Do not say negative words.
    • Said to jinx yourself or bring misfortunes.
    • Words include death, sick, empty, pain, ghost, poor, break and kill.
  • Do not break ceramics or glass.
    • Said to break your connection to prosperity and fortune.
    • If you break something, wrap it in red and say sui sui ping and ask for peace and security.
  • Do not clean or sweep.
    • You sweep away the good luck.
    • I must have a really lucky house.
  • Do not use scissors, knives or other sharp objects
    • Sharp objects will cut your stream of wealth.
    • This includes getting your hair cut.
  • Do not visit the wife’s family.
    • This indicates a troubled marriage.
    • Go on the second day.
  • Do not demand debt repayment.
    • Another bad luck taboo.
    • To not demand a repayment shows understanding.
  • Avoid fighting and crying
    • Unless there is a special circumstance.
    • Do not reprimand a child that cries.
  • Avoid taking medicine 
    • This means you could be ill the entire year.
    • But your health should come first.
  • Do not give New Years blessings to someone still in bed
    • If you say Bai Nian before the person is out of bed, they will be bed ridden all year.
    • Sleep in
  • Do not give taboo gifts.
    • Especially do not give a clock.
    • It means paying one’s last respect.

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