Wednesday, August 22, 2018 To: The Person or Persons that wrote on the statue.

To: The Person or Persons that wrote on the statue.

From: Me, Texas A&M, Class of 85

Re: Here’s What I’m Thinking about it

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

  • How dare you vandals desecrate ANY statue, building or structure by writing or painting graffiti?
  • How dare you write racist graffiti on the statue of Sul Ross on the Texas A&M campus?

    Lay those pennies and Lawrence Sullivan”s feet for strength and good luck.

  • If the person(s) who did this are indeed Current Students, you should leave now. There is a reason the Aggies say “Highway 6 runs both ways.” Just saying, but I would leave before the Corps of Cadets gets your names. As the saying goes they will be “kicking ass and taking names.”
  • The person(s) are obviously under-educated and overly brainless. Had you gone to orientation, you would know the history of Sul Ross and Texas A&M University. The Sully statue is the oldest on campus and has been a fixture in front of Texas A&M’s Academic Building since its 1918. It stands for Sul Ross’ contribution to higher education, not for his Confederate military service.
  • Last year when Texas A&M President Michael K. Young said the statue would remain on campus, he also said, “Lawrence Sullivan ‘Sul’ Ross is honored on our campus as a former president of the school. Without Sul Ross, neither Texas A&M University nor Prairie View A&M University would likely exist today. He saved our school and Prairie View through his consistent advocacy in the face of those who persistently wanted to close us down.”
  • Disrespect and stupidity runs rampant among the classless.

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