Tuesday, February 20, 2018 – National Pet Day and The Olympics or Bipeds on Boards.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 – National Pet Day and The Olympics or Bipeds on Boards.

The Divine Miss Peach here. It is National Pet Day. I hope pets everywhere find their Forever Homes like I have.

I kicked Dr. Biped off the computer so I could write about the Olympics. This is my first time to watch these events. I sit in Biped’s lap and watch other Bipeds do some really crazy stuff.

Here is my professional cat assessment of what I have seen up to this point.

The events take place in the winter so it is cold and there is lots of snow which is frozen water.

There are outside and inside events. The inside events involve ice, which is really just a another form of frozen water.

First the outside events.

Bipeds strap boards on their feet and insert their heads into a strange round ball. Sometimes there are two boards and sometimes there is only one.

Sometimes they carry poles. Sometimes no poles carried.

Then they proceed to race down a mountain of snow going faster than Ancestor Cheetah Cat, encountering various obstacles, such as poles protruding from the snow, other bipeds on boards, and various odd elevations along the way.

Some of them twist and turn, do somersaults, fly through the air and try to land upright on their feet boards. Some of the one boarders move up and down something called a Half Pipe. It is a half a tube of the frozen water called ice.

Now to the inside events.

These bipeds have tiny metal boards on their feet and maneuver on a big sheet more frozen water also called ice. Some of them are alone; some are in pairs and sometimes there are bunch of bipeds on the ice. The bunches of bipeds tend to carry sticks and try to put a round black object into a net guarded by another biped.

With the exception of the stick toting bipeds, the others jump, twist and turn multiple revolutions and then spin as fast as possible.

I like the inside bipeds’ events better. My favorite is those bipeds that go real fast around a big circle of ice and tilt at a thirty degree angle.

But I like the graceful ones too. They have pretty costumes I would so love to scratch on those sequins and feathers. And there is pretty music too.

These bipeds must have more lives than I do because they are crazy. I really do not see the big deal. We cats do this on a daily basis. Look at the pictures.

Cousin Meela doing her Jump from the Laundry Basket.


Me and Cousin Meela hydrating after our Counter Jump on the Counter Leap


Besides, can any of you bipeds do this?

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