Tuesday, September 5, 2017 – The Tuesday Agenda. POTUS and Mammograms or Boobs Among Us

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 – The Tuesday Agenda. POTUS and Mammograms or Boobs Among Us

What is on the agenda for today?

  • Repeal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
  • Bomb North Korea.
  • Stop trade with China.
  • Continue to tweet 128 characters about topics I know nothing about.
  • Watch on TV as Florida gets blown away like Texas by a natural disaster.
  • Develop a list of groups to blame for Hurricane Irma instead of climate change. Included, but not limited to: gay people, lesbians, transgender people, people of any color, immigrants, all religious group that is not Christian, and any group not fundamentalist Christian, and the media except for Fox News.
  • Continue to court Evangelicals.
  • Check on Vladddie.

I am sorry. That is the POTUS’ agenda for today. Here is mine.

  • Get mammogram today.

Face you make during mammogram.

Yes, today is the annual Squashing of the Boobs. Once a year women across America get to experience the feeling of a garage door descending and flattening all breast tissue, large or small, while special pictures are taken.

Hold your breath now. I have no experience, but I would think the hold your breath phrase equates to men when they hear “Cough.”

I do not really complain. In fact, I feel blessed to have two Girls to put on the platform and benefits that pay for the squashing. Several years ago, at a sorority reunion (AXO/SFA) a photograph was taken of ten sisters. Five of them were breast cancer survivors. Sadly, there was a display of pictures of sisters who were not so fortunate in the fight. That is one tiny segment of women. Magnify that number of boobs times by thousands to get some idea of the women effected.

You guys need to pay attention too. Every body has boobs.

Here is a toast to my two-boob, one-boob, and no boob loved ones, friends and ladies everywhere. Proudly wear your T-shirt that reads: Hell, yes. They’re fake. The real ones were killing me.

I wish every woman could get a mammogram. Do you have yours scheduled?

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