Tuesday, April 4, 2017 – Cat Karma. Tagged You’re Found!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 – Cat Karma. Tagged You’re Found!

Cat karma is what I get for posting a poem written by a cat yesterday. I suspect some sort of cat curse was placed on me by my high school friend, Jenny Lee yesterday. It was probably her clowder of cats that placed the curse, but here is the story.

I live in a community where most of the residents have dogs – those short legged, yappy lap dogs. I have never seen a cat in the neighborhood the entire three years I have lived here. Furthermore, I seldom go outside in the front yard in the evening because the neighbors are walking their yappy lap dogs. Or in some cases pushing the dog in a baby carriage.

Yesterday I stepped into the front only to see a cat opposite me sitting on the sidewalk. As I approached the feline she initially ran into the gutter, but immediately came to me. FYI – I was not aware of the gender until later.

Of course it almost 30 minutes before tip-off of the NCAA men’s championship game and I have a squirming cat in my arms and no one claiming her. The cat and I go to my home. I am not missing the game. Obviously, cat is comfortable.

Pets seem to know that even though they are wearing tags with data base and microchip phone numbers and data base and microchip info all of those places are closed at 6:30 in the evening.

A quick trip to the convenience store and I’m back with input and output supplies for the cat. After cat participated in input and output activities, and after a little cat soccer with plastic golf balls, cat is in my lap for the evening.

What luck! Cat is a Tar Heels Fan too!

After a fabulous basketball game – both teams should be very proud – cat beats me to bedroom and takes up middle of bed. I think – you are not Reveille and I am not sleeping on the floor. MOVE!

But alas – an 8:00 am phone call to vet clinic listed on the tag this morning revealed that Tommy belonged to my neighbor Faye – four townhomes away. By 8:15 am Tommy was home with Pet Parent. Poor Faye – said she’d been up three or four times during the night looking for her.

Please ensure your pets are tagged and chipped. I am still pretty sure Jenny Lee had something to do with this cat showing up. Maybe it is Miss. Navasota.

One response to “Tuesday, April 4, 2017 – Cat Karma. Tagged You’re Found!

  1. Great story…all pets should have identification on them somewhere…preferably more than one place. This is also a sign that you need a cat of your very own!


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