Tuesday, January 4, 2017 – A Jar of Blessings and Happiness. What’s in Your Jar?

Tuesday, January 4, 2017 – A Jar of Blessings and Happiness. What’s in Your Jar?

Sometimes it is the last minute gifts that turn out to be the best ones. Before leaving for family functions on December 23 I ran by the Goodwill Store and bought five large jars and/or vases.

Then I stopped at Walgreens and purchased several multicolored Post-It Notes and some markers. It was the index card tied around the jar with a red ribbon that pulled it together. On the card I wrote: A 2017 Blessings and Happiness Jar. When something good happens to you or when you feel blessed during this year, jot it down and put it in your jar. Next New Year’s Eve take out the notes and see just how blessed you were.

Here is my jar. I front loaded it with a bunch of “I got out of bed and made it through the day” notes.


As you can see, while still retaining its function and practicality, my jar lacks a certain artistic and esthetically pleasing element, as did those that were gifted. I hope some of my artistic friends will be inspired to decorate theirs in a more pleasing manner.

On Jan 1, I wrote “I took a shower.” I do hope I remember to add other notes of personal hygiene less one think that was the only time. Personal hygiene may just be TMI. Today, (so far) I have “Warm inside with a good book!” What’s in your jar?

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