Sunday, November 13, 2016 – Here’s What I’m Thinking – Post Election

11.10.15 Veterans Park 2015-09-27 008 (601x800)

Photo by me.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 – Here’s What I’m Thinking – Post Election

To both candidates’ supporters. Some thoughts. Take or leave.

  1. No foreign enemy attacked the United States. Be thankful.
  2. There is a renewed sense of activism.
  3. Never give up on your dreams and beliefs.
  4. It is only four years and We, the People vote again.
  5. Please stop making derogatory and hateful sweeping generalizations about the millenials. They will vote again. Remember every generation that came after yours (and mine) the generations before us said ‘the world was going to Hell in a hand basket because of us.” Remember the hippies and their (our) protests of 1968 were destined to end the world.
  6. Please try to understand the disappointments reflected by others and especially stop making comments about their parental units. You have not walked through life in their shoes; nor have their walked in yours.
  7. Please try to understand why certain groups that see the world differently than you do are afraid. See boots and shoes comment.
  8. We are living history. Technological advances allow us see history happening 24/7.
  9. Please do not be disappointed and hateful when gridlock appears in Washington, D.C. The operative word(s) is (are) “compromise” not “obstructive politics.”
  10. Go outside Monday and look at the Super Moon. It is the same moon that has been there since time began. It is the same moon that has seen everything on earth and we are still here.

Thank you Neil Diamond for these words:

Jesus Christ, Fanny Brice Wolfie Mozart and Humphrey Bogart

And Genghis Khan And on to H. G. Wells Ho Chi Minh, Gunga Din

Henry Luce and John Wilkes Booth and Alexanders King and Graham Bell

Ramar Krishna, Mama Whistler

Patrice Lumumba and Russ Colombo

Karl and Chico Marx

Albert Camus, E. A. Poe, Henri Rousseau

Sholom Aleichem and Caryl Chessman Alan Freed and Buster Keaton too

And each one there Has one thing shared

They have sweated beneath the same sun

Looked up in wonder at the same moon

And wept when it was all done For bein’ done too soon

For bein’ done too soon For bein’ done too soon.


Photo by me.

 If your plans include making America GREATER, we are not done.

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