Wednesday, August 17 2016 – Happy Birthday, Honeyboy!

Wednesday, August 17 2016 – Happy Birthday, Honeyboy!

Randall Edwin Duffey August 17, 1907 to February 18, 2000


Every person who was fortunate enough to have known my father knows that he lived by and demonstrated these three tenets for over 90 years. We as a family know them, say them during trying times and try to live by them.

  1. Tell at least one person every day that you appreciate them.
  2. Whatever the situation, if you have faith it will all work out.
  3. Whatever the situation there is always lots to be thankful for.

Dear HB,

I wonder what you would have to say about this today. Remember when you were having one of your little spells and the doctor was asking you to state your name, the day of the week and to name the president of the United States? Remember you said “I KNOW who the president of the United States is and I am not going to say his name and I AM NOT going to say his wife’s name either, but I know it.”

Well, his wife is running for President. I can see you shaking your head in disbelief.

We miss you.



Fish (800x503)

Dale Givens and HB and Fish from Red River???

Fish 2.2.2 Squirrel 2.1.1

Doesn’t my sister, Dale, looked thrilled? Probably as thrilled as my Mother because HB and Dale are wearing white and holding dead animals, which I am sure they ate.


3 responses to “Wednesday, August 17 2016 – Happy Birthday, Honeyboy!

  1. Our Dads should have known each other :). Great piece!

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  2. Our Dads were part of the greatest generation! They had integrity and good values and disciplined their children in a loving way. Sad it’s not that way still today.

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  3. This is great. HB was a wise man! I think you got your spunk and eyes from him?! Love the pictures.


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