Tuesday, August 2, 2016 – Cordelia Robeline Laird Faust and Mary Rose Duckworth Duffey

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 – Cordelia Robeline Laird Faust and Mary Rose Duckworth Duffey

You probably recognize my name somewhere in the two names above. Those two lovely women were my grandmothers. I am happy to carry the fine Southern tradition of being named after grandparents.

You might have seen the meme (it’s a picture) on FaceBook that says “99% of a child’s awesomeness comes from their grandmother.” I am not a grandmother, but I am pretty awesome and what I know of my grandmothers, they were pretty awesome too.

Unfortunately none of us knew Cordelia as she would be taken from the Faust family at age 36.  Here is one of the few photographs of Cordelia. Notice the eyes. I have them. Smokey Horn had them and one of the other cousins – maybe Jerry – has them.

Cordelia4x6 copy

However, many were fortunate to know Mamaw Duffey or Aunt Rose as she lived to a grand age of 86 (I think).

Rose steps

The rest of me appears to be Mamaw Duffey. Tall, thin (thank you Lord), and armed with “the Duckworth tongue.” The Duckworth women (and there were five of them if you count Old Mama) were known for their, shall we say family leadership? I believe my grandfather referred to them as “ramrods.” Every woman in my family has the Duckworth gene – we can take you down with words so acerbic you will not know what hit you. We can tell you go to Hell in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip.

I have no conclusions other than I was blessed to have some awesome grandmothers. I hope you did too and I know there are many awesome grandmothers out there.


One response to “Tuesday, August 2, 2016 – Cordelia Robeline Laird Faust and Mary Rose Duckworth Duffey

  1. My grandmothers were Lucy Olivia Brockman Lanford and Zadie Alice Neely Nolte. I got Lucy’s name as did her daughter, my mother, Lucy Brockman Lanford Nolte.

    I think great, great grandmother was a Lucy, too. Nancy’s daughter Kristen named her daughter Lucy Olivia so we have a lively, awesome coming along in this latest generation. Our Jane is Lucy Jane but she does just what I did for most of my life and uses Jane Abernathy Richard not Luch Jane. Social Security may catch up with her one of these days.

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