Wednesday, June 15, 2016 – Wednesday Golf and Yu So Yung

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 – Wednesday Golf and Yu So Yung

Start: 8:30 AM Finish: 12: 20 PM

Today my inner Korean golfer showed up to play. Her name is Yu So Yung. Her evil twin sister, Yu So Suk usually shows up. I had a gross score of 101. With my handicap and the game of the today I was leading with an 84 with one group still out when I left.

Now lest you think I am a good golfer, there are several things you should know. For example, most of the women I play with at the Briarcrest CC are charter members. Charter like in Mayflower Charter because that is how old they are. So I gained an advantaged when two of the foursome in front dropped out of play on Hole 13 due to the heat. The remaining two dropped out of play on Hole 15.

My group was able to play the entire 18, but three of them were so fatigued by Hole 14 it caused them to make poor strokes.

As I mentioned one group was behind mine. I am not certain of their status. They may have all dropped out. They may “have dropped dead on the golf course.”

Meanwhile, I am very hydrated, accustomed to playing in the heat; and in such great shape (thank you Krystal), that Yu So Yung is playing every hole. And I still have gas in the tank.

Lexington Gas Pumps 2013-10-20 004 (800x600)

Lexington Gas Pumps 2013-10-20 007 (800x600)

ESSO Station outside Lexington, Texas – 2015. Photo by me.

My recommendation for being in the lead when playing golf is this.

One should play with old, out of shape women who have to drop out at various holes of play. If you are one of the few who is still playing at Hole 18, then you might get to be the leader.

Golf pairings are who you are assigned to play with during that round. I am not sure of the criteria used for golf pairings, but here’s what I’m thinking. I am pretty sure one of them for this group is “at least one person in each foursome must know CPR and/or has a medical background.”

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