Sunday May 8, 2016 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday May 8, 2016 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Exa Doy Faust 001 (457x800)

Here is Exa Doy Faust – The Pride of Flora High School, Flora, Louisiana – Graduating Class of 1930 (?). She was Salutatorian. Nina Thibodeaux, the Valedictorian, was Mama’s best friend. Nina was her maid of honor when she and my father eloped on February 20, 1932.

Third in the Flora High School graduating class was J. L. Lewis. That was all. The entire class. Three people. Short graduation ceremony.

In the 1930 the percentage of individuals who graduated from high school was 29% nation-wide. I am proud of you, Mama and miss you daily.

Happy Mother’s Day

Exa Doy Faust 003 (589x800)

Photo by Honeyboy Duffey – From my collection.

And you still wonder where my sense of humor comes from? The funny gene is dominate in the family DNA.

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