Thursday, February 4, 2016 – Throw Back to Box 13 – I See Dead People Vote

Thursday, February 4, 2016 – Throw Back to Box 13 – I See Dead People Vote

Dear Mr. Trump, I see where you initially tweeted that Ted Cruz “illegally stole” Iowa. Since “illegally stole” is redundant and takes up Twitter characters, you altered it say “Ted Cruz stole Iowa.” Perhaps you should wait a few seconds before pressing SEND.Sign (800x530)

May I suggest you and your staff undertake a study of Texas politics? More specifically, look at the Texas Senate race of 1948 between Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) and Coke Stevenson. Now we are talking some stealing. FYI – it is called voter fraud.

It seems in 1948 in Duval County, there was a man named George Parr also known as the “Duke of Duval.” Initially Mr. Stevenson was winning by over 20,000 votes. As voter results came in on election night, LBJ began to win precincts where previously he had been behind. The following day it was “discovered” that Box 13 in Duval County had not been counted. The precinct went overwhelming for Johnson.

There was a small problem with this – most of the voters were dead. Dead people tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic. It seems that the Duke and his cronies manufactured votes.

Just saying, Mr. Trump, stealing elections is not something new to Texans. In fact we are probably very good at it. But I am more inclined to think you got out maneuvered. Don’t Mess With Texas is more than a sign on the highway.

Like we say in Texas – Vote Early. Vote Often. Oh yes – Don’t let your chads hang either.

Texas Flag @ Sunset

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