Friday, December 18, 2015 – Your Guide to the 42 College Football Bowl Games and Who Wins.

Friday, December 18, 2015 – Your Guide to the 42 College Football Bowl Games and Who Wins.

But first – Kyle Field is NOT transferring from Texas A&M. At least the last I heard it was not.

Panoramic view (800x284)

Tomorrow is kickoff to the forty-two college football bowl games. Forty –two College Football Games! Can you believe it? That is 80 teams and 80 bands, playing in bowl games that no one has ever heard of and playing teams no one cares about unless you or your child happened to attend. They are playing in college venues smaller than most Texas high school stadiums. Stadia? Several teams actually have losing records. These games are like a certificate of participation.

But to help you plan your holiday schedule for the ridiculous number of bowl games, here are the first ten. Note: The closer the games are to New Year’s Eve, the better the bowl game.

Beginning on December 19 – the first ten games fall into the Who Cares Category?

Bowl 1 – begins on ABC at noon with Alcorn State and North Carolina A&T in the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl. What exactly are we celebrating?

Bowl 2 – Opposite the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl at noon is the Cure Bowl on CBSSN between San Jose State and Georgia State. What exactly are we going to cure?

Bowl 3 – the Gildan New Mexico Bowl between Arizona and New Mexico on ESPN at 2:00. What is a Gildan?

Bowl 4 – the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl at 3:30 on ABC might be fun. It is billed as The Holy Bowl because it is between the BYU Mormons; I mean Cougars and Utah  – aka Not Mormons. What a waste – Mormons in Las Vegas!

Bowl 5 – The Raycom Media Camelia Bow between Ohio and Appalachian State on ESPN at 5:30. We have a bowl named after a battery? This should be electrifying.

Bowl 6 – the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl finds Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech at 9:00 PM on ESPN. What exactly do the R+L Carriers carry? Oh well, one is New Orleans so who cares.

December 21

Bowl 7 – On ESPN at 2:30 we find the Miami Beach Bowl between Western Kentucky and South Florida. This could be called The Kentucky Hillbillies visit South Beach.

December 22

Bowl 8 – The Famous Potato Bowl – not to be confused with the not so famous Potato Bowl between Akron and Utah State on ESPN at 3:30. Oh no, the game is played on that blue field of Boise State. It tends to give me a seizure should I try to watch.

Bowl 9 – The Marmot Boca Raton Bowl at 7:00 on ESPN between Toledo and Temple. Marmot? Winter teams seeking time in Jimmy Buffet Land.

December 23

Bowl 10 – The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl on ESPN at 4:30 Boise State takes on Northern Illinois. A bowl sponsored by a credit union?

So who wins the first 10 bowl games?

ABC – 2


ESPN – 7

Nike – to be determined

Adidas – to be determined

Under Armor – to be determined.

Monday’s Here’s What I’m Thinking will guide you through the next ten (10) unnecessary bowl games. It begins with the GoDaddy Bowl.

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