Thursday, October 1, 2015 – Joaquin is Coming! Check for Understanding

Graffitti Artist


Taggin Dr. D. at the Cadillacs out side Amarillo. April 2015

I hereby declare today as Saint Madeline Hunter Check for Understanding Day. OK – you had to be in education to know who Madeline Hunter was. And I have letters in front of my name so I can say whatever and you will believe what I write. Far lesser minds just SHARE and REPOST on FB and you believe all that junk.

I see on the news and weather reports that a hurricane with a Spanish/Mexican name is about to enter the United States via the East Coast illegally. Joaquin appears ready to strike at the nation’s capital and then travelling to New York and New Jersey.

Does Donald Trump plan to build a wall to keep out this alien? Or does he just plan to let Joaquin blow all of the people he doesn’t want here back to their country of origin? Or maybe he and all of the other politicians just plan to blow hot air back at Joaquin and send it back into the Atlantic.

One response to “Thursday, October 1, 2015 – Joaquin is Coming! Check for Understanding

  1. We will not allow admission to UK from Atlantic.

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