Monday, May 18, 2015 – Graduation, Family & Bikers

Monday, May 18, 2015 – Graduation, Family & Bikers

“What a wild, wacky weekend in Waco,” she said with alliteration. I stole today’s title from Great Niece Courtney’s tweet.  She is one of my new followers on Twitter. She joins several new FFs. (Facebook Friends). Fortunately and thankfully my trip to Waco only involved the first two descriptors.  What a tragedy. I bet the Waconians (?) thought Stephen King’s The Stand was taking place.

But for my new social media friends – Welcome to Here’s What I’m Thinking.  Here are my rules. They are always subject to change.

I write a post everyday Monday through Friday and maybe Saturday and/or Sunday if something happens to interest me. I try to post around late morning unless I play golf. If the rains ever cease and I can play golf again, postings will appear in the afternoons. Note: “around late morning” is from the bureaucratic time zone – the one used by state and federal agencies.

I write mostly about college football (and a few other sports), the Texas educational institution, politics and anything else my great mind thinks about.  Just because it appears to be sports oriented does not always mean it is about sporting event, itself. I say this for the Sports Challenged who do not follow sports.  I may critique and rank the college football uniforms for that Saturday. For example from last fall “Is it just me or do the Texas Tech football helmets look like the Dairy Queen logo?”

Topics range from snarky to moving.  Remember my sister reads this daily.  So try to refrain from using the F word too often. My family only tends to use it around her when there is a bear chasing one of us in Alaska.

To get people to read what I write I created this mission statement – aka my business plan.

If I have known you in the past, know you now or will know you in the future, I WILL write about you.  There is a high statistical probability that what I write about you will be positive.  But are you willing to risk that you fall outside the standard deviation and are written in a negative light and not read Here’s What I’m Thinking?  Those who do not read, will be written about.

The intent is to make at least one person think and/or laugh daily.  I am not responsible if coffee, red wine or any other substance hits your computer screen while laughing or crying.

I try to be bipartisan snarky, but the political writings do lean left and tend to be more blue oriented than red.  And sorry, Greg, Courtney, Principal Judy, et al, they lean far to the Maroon and White rather than the burnt orange.  I anxiously await your snappy comebacks.

Jennifer, check out some previous posts with me and Reveille VIII or the implosion of the West Side.  Yes, me and 7000, at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning to watch a wall full of memories fall.  Why? Because we are the Aggies. That and money and better ESPN angles for football games. It is amazing what a Heisman Trophy will bring, isn’t it Baylor? And we get to play on real TV. (Paraphrase to Chancellor John Sharp), but I understand The University is booked until 2027.

Remember, you do not have to like anything I am thinking.  The goal of a writer is to evoke emotions. (A big shout out to Mrs. Traugh and Mrs. Burnside for teaching me that in high school and I did not split my infinitive either.)

Comments are most welcome even if you have a different point of view or perspective.  It is a diverse world.  Remember the site is called Here’s What I’m Thinking, not Here’s What I Believe.  Often the postings are parodies or satires.  It is written on multiple levels with multiple items embedded.

You can access the site by going to and one does not have to go through social media (i.e. Facebook or Twitter).

Originally, the site was modeled after the vanity cards, at the end of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady productions.  Many are aware my favorite TV show that is not on ESPN is The Big Bang Theory. The vanity cards are the paragraphical writings on the cards that flash at the end of the program.  Mine were supposed to be “bathroom” in length, meaning one should be able to read what I writing during an ordinary visit to the bathroom or about 500 words. But sometimes I become verbose. But hey, I have a PhD. That is how we talk – long and boring – just like I did now.

Anyway, hopefully there is a little something for everyone.   Thanks for reading.




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