Monday, December 15, 2015 – Not That Perry

Monday, December 15, 2015 – Not That Perry

Everybody knows that football in Texas is a religion.  A religion at any level, whether it is pee-wee, Pop Warner, middle school, high school, college or professional, we like football.  However, a West Texas lawmaker has introduced a bill in the Texas Senate to change the University Interscholastic League’s high school playoff system.  I actually agree with Republican Senator Charles Perry of Lubbock that the system has become watered down and allows up to 74 percent of teams to make the playoffs. This bill was filed after Houston Scarborough made the playoffs without a win. After their loss 64-0 in their playoff game, they were 0-11 for the season.  Perry says the current playoff format costs districts “thousands of dollars that could be spent in the classroom.” What a novel concept by the Senator to use money in the classroom. I bet the cost of stadium lighting alone for a playoff game would buy several classroom sets of tablets and maybe even some books.  If you were to add costs of gas for the 25+ buses that carry the band, the drill team, the pep squad, the cheerleaders, and of course the team, it could allow some districts to provide “an equal and adequate” education to their students. I wonder if the other Perry ever thought of that.  Goober-elect Abbott appears to favor everybody toting a gun, so perhaps instead of football playoffs for teams with losing records, there could be marksmanship competition. BYOG – Bring Your Own Gun.  Many school districts area already packing heat anyway – both legally and not so legally.  Good luck with your bill, Senator Perry.

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