Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twas the crash before Christmas when the computer got sick…

You were expecting a Clement Clark More parody? Not happening, but what is the name of the famous poem?

This is Madam Rose’s computer speaking.  I am ill with malware. The cyber condoms are going crazy with white screens, error messages, and screen freezes.  I am slow and pop-ups from cyberspace appear and will not let me move on. Therefore, as soon as I am finished with this, I am being taken to the computer hospital.  Dr. Geek Squad will examine me and clean my innards. How long this will take is unknown. Therefore, there might be something tomorrow or there might not be.  Therefore, you must entertain yourself until I return. The name of the Clement Clark Moore poem is “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” It is not “The Night Before Christmas.”  Gets you every year doesn’t it?

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