Friday, December 12, 2014 – Decorations for the Season

Friday, December 12, 2014 – Decorations for the Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Of course it has looked like Christmas since Labor Day, when stores began putting out decorations. Speaking of decorations, evidently I moved to a neighborhood that decorates for the holiday. I am not big on outdoor decorations. A few lights can be festive, but a giant, mega light, computer generated synchronized light show is over the top. Fortunately no one has put one of those on the street yet. If I describe your front yard during this time, I apologize.  I do not care for those wire looking animals, especially the ones that move. I find them creepy. One neighbor has a scene of wire animals that look more like elephants, plus the three wise men and a giant plastic palm tree with lights. I don’t get it either. Fortunately, not on my street, but still in the hood, is a giant billboard of Jesus on the cross and smaller billboard with the biblical scripture Christmas story.  I wonder if they have the same decoration for Easter and just change the verse? A bit much, in my opinion, but hey whatever way you like to celebrate.

But the decorations I dislike the most are the inflatable objects.  Who wants a yard filled with giant latex figures that tend to droop as the air leaks out leaving a deflated Santa Claus lying pitifully prostrate on the front lawn?  I am waiting to see if all of the houses on the street have decorations.  If I am the only one without decorations, I suppose I can put up a wreath. Perhaps I could sit a large speaker just outside the front door and blast holiday songs throughout the evening.  Another thought might be to decorate the porta potty at the end of the street where there is still construction taking place. But if you have any suggestions, please send them. Maybe I could set out some giant candles for Kwanza.  I am sure that would go over well with the neighborhood.  So either send some cheap outdoor decorative ideas or money to purchase some.  I will be anxiously awaiting your replies.

Did you know that tomorrow is 12.13.14?

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