Wednesday, November 26, 2014 – Blue Wednesday and Mike the Tiger

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 – Blue Wednesday

For all my family and friends who love LSU. This one’s for you!

I hereby claim the next holiday as Thanksgiving Eve! Copyright that! That is exactly what we need – additional commercialization of holidays so we can be more materialistic as a society.  How about Blue Wednesday?

If somebody tries to use Blue Wednesday, I will see if Gooberner Elect Abbott will sue them because I have it here first, with the date that I first called Blue Wednesday.  Years ago the Friday following Thanksgiving was just another day.  Now Black Friday evolved into – “Everything on sale for long time at reasonable hours, so please do not start a riot and kill anybody at our store.” The marketing peeps are still working on branding, but it sounds much safer.

Currently, I am only interested in Maroon Thursday.  While I cannot speak for the First Lady of Aggieland, I am pretty sure Reveille is relieved that Mike the Tiger does not go to away games.

A comment on the Mike the Tiger website says “The previous Mike (Mike V) would sometimes do nearby away games, but this Mike (Mike VI) never has. If you are at Death Valley (a.k.a. Tiger Stadium), you do have the opportunity to take pictures immediately after he has loaded onto his trailer and also at the top of the hill before he leads the band in.*  

Also, he is not a pure Bengal tiger, but a Bengal-Siberian cross. He weighs around 450 pounds at the moment, although his weight fluctuates from 430 lbs. to 460 lbs.

*NOTE: to LSU writer who made a comment on the website – “before he leads in the band.” Our schools in Texas teach better grammar and English than yours.”

In fact, Mike seems to do whatever Mike wants to do. He does not have to move into his travel home to attending sporting events. With the exception of the other two Tigers in the SEC, Mike can eat all of the other mascots in the SEC and most of the other schools’ mascots in all three football divisions, so I am good to go if Mike doesn’t want to come to Kyle Field or go anywhere else.  He is not like a longhorn or a collie dog. He’s a half ton Bengal-Siberian tiger that is STILL WILD who eats 25 pounds daily! Wow, what does Reveille weigh? So weekly he eats 175 pounds of food.  That is about a hind quarter of Bevo per month.

But as the LSU commenter said “If you ever have a chance to see Mike when visiting Death Valley, do so.”  I have seen, probably Mike V, but yes, if you have an opportunity to see this magnificent animal in Death Valley, do so.  He is a beautiful creature.

So, Mike, just stay home in your warm Tiger Place, laying on your bearskin rug or whatever comforts you like and watch the game on TV, with a tiger cocktail., of course.

Gig ‘Em Aggies! BTHO LSU!!!

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