Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – The Committee Meets

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – The Committee Meets!

Today marks the day college football enters a new era. I love historic moments. The Selection Committee will choose the four teams for the first football playoff.  The rankings and selections are based on strength of schedule, head to head results, results of common opponents, championships won and other factors.  I have not looked at the other factors, but apparently there must be one religious school represented. Otherwise, why is Notre Dame even on the table?

Here is the scoop on The Committee. It is composed of “high-integrity individuals with experience as coaches, student-athletes, collegiate administrators, journalists, along with sitting athletics directors.” Their role is to create rankings seven times each year. You can Google “ncaa selection committee” to see who is on the committee, but you can bet Dr. Rice is the only female.  FYI – There are thirteen members on the committee. I wonder if triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) was a consideration. But it means there will be no tie votes. Today is the first meeting when the committee issues their first ranking.

I have always thought there should be a position in any organizational structure called “Committee Attendee.” The job description of this position might look like this:

Wanted: Person to attend all meetings for managers and executives thus allowing them to get actual work done.

Requirements and qualifications:

Able to sit for extended periods of time

Extra-large bladder capabilities

Able to go for long periods of time with minimal food

Ability to take legible notes for boss

Ability to appear interested when bored to nausea

Ability to appear interested when committee colleagues are off topic and you want to scream things about their lack of a brain and question why they are even on the committee

Able to corral bird walking committee member back to topic diplomatically without using profanity or discussing the person’s birth status

So here’s to The Committee as they make history. Welcome to Dallas, Ya’ll. OK – it’s Grapevine.

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