Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Morning, Class.  Our vocabulary word for the day is “trill.” By the end of this paragraph you should be able to give the origin of the word; the definition; it’s classification as a part of speech; plus the new usage of the term. And finally, as your higher order thinking skill, you must be able to use the word in a sentence. 

The origin of the word lies in a rap song.  It is a hybrid or combination of the words “truth” and “real.” Wouldn’t that be “treal?” Perhaps it is the accent. Besides what is a hybrid word? Isn’t that just a word you made up? The word can be used as a noun or an adjective. It is used both as a proper noun and to describe the skills and attributes of the proper noun. It cannot be used as an adverb, because that would be trilly. That is a new hybrid word for tried, but silly.

The new usage of the term is that it is the adopted nickname of Kenny Hill. Rather than Kenny Football, the Texas A&M quarterback has chosen Kenny Trill. Or Kenny Truth and Real.  Let’s hope so.

And for your higher order thinking skill our sentence is:  Kenny Trill will lead his team to BTHO Lamar.

I hope you paid special attention to today’s lesson.  It could be on the test!

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