Friday, September 5, 2014 – Late

Friday, September 5, 2014

My apologies for being late.  Tonight is First Yell and Midnight Yell Practice so I had to take a long nap in order to stay awake.  First Yell 2014 is a relatively new tradition that features a concert in Reed Arena prior to Midnight Yell. This year it is booked as Texas Dance Hall Legends. Performing are: Johnny Bush, Gary P. Nunn, Joe Ely, Roger Creager and Max Stallings. Well, I think I have spent enough time in Texas dance halls to have a feel for the environment. My beer does not cost $5.00 a bottle or can or whatever container it has to be in to meet rules and regulations of the TABC. This event begins at 8:00 followed by Midnight Yell Practice. Actually I am not attending either event. I do not have a date nor do I have a cigarette lighter to attend Midnight Yell. I wonder if cell phones have replaced lighters. For the uninformed and/or uninitiated, at Midnight Yell Practices when they turn the lights off, you are supposed to kiss your date or hold the lighter or cell phone above your head to show that you are not with anyone.You do this until the lights come back on. I can do this at home too..The fact that Midnight Yell Practice averages 30,000 in attendance has nothing to do with the fact I am not leaving my house. Nor will I be attending the game in the newly renovated Kyle Field because that is three times Yell Practice attendance.  However, should any of you plan on attending know that with the new design there are THREE women’s bathrooms to each ONE men’s bathroom. There had to be a woman on the planning committee.  The other item new to Kyle Field concessions is a fried hot dog.  I am suspicious of that. I hope there are enough bathrooms.  Gig’Em.

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