Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s South Carolina

This time next week, the Fightin Texas Aggies will either be 1-0 or time will have run out against the Fighin Gamecocks. Wait. A fighting gamecock is from the department of redundancy department. In order to be a gamecock, a rooster must be bred to fight in a “game” called cockfighting. Therefore a Gamecock is a highly bred, male chicken that fights. All gamecocks are roosters, but not all roosters are gamecocks. Bottom line is this. A gamecock is a chicken. Granted one bred to fight, but still a chicken. I think Chickens might have been a better mascot. I can only imagine what their yells might be with gamecock in them. Or worse yet, fraternity songs! How does this look? The South Carolina Fans are yelling something about a gamecock while the Aggie Fans are yelling “Hump It!” Someone did not think this through. I see where Captain Hairspray will be attending the game in Columbia. I believe he will be reviewing South Carolina’s succession documents to see just how it became the first state to succeed from the Union in 1861, just in case that secessionist movement is a campaign contributor and Perry makes it a platform to have Texas succeed from the Union. I would promise not to write snarky things about Rick Perry (for at least one week) if he would take the ALS Bucket Challenge. I would donate to ALS to see that.

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