Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday July 18, 2014

On my goodness. The news is filled with reports of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, assault, robbery, assault and battery, illegal drug use, driving while under the influence, and public intoxication. What does it all mean? Why it means college football season is just around the corner. SEC Media Day concluded this week. I do not believe Kevin Sumlin was asked what types of flowers were in the flower bed when the quarterback passed out in one last spring. I supposed things could have been worse. It could have been Auburn’s QB. I have tried very hard not to write about college football until it is closer to August. But how about just a teeny preview? The University of Oklahoma is rated between number 6 and number 9, depending on which rankings you are examining. That is certainly going to make for an ugly weekend in October in Dallas for those travelling south on I-35 from Big D. Way to go Baylor!! The rankings have you and your new stadium rated between number 9 and number 13. How does an OU/BU weekend sound? I like it. The Texas Aggies are rated between number 16 and number 24. Those rankings are very kind by the pollsters who are obviously still resting on the proverbial Johnny laurels and very scary for a team whose defense looked like a bunch of arthritic grandmothers last year and can only improve. And who knows what evil lurks under the center for this years offense? I did not see the University of Texas ranked in any of the preseason polls. Talk about a drought in Austin. But I did see where Texas was prepared to offer Nick Saben between $12 and $15 million as a signing bonus and $100 million as salary. Perhaps if you had offered President Powers such amounts to leave The University, the For Sale sign would already be in his front yard. Could be a long year for the Horns. And last, but not least. Who is picked to win the SEC? Alabama.

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