Lent Day Forty-Two

Lent – Day Forty-two

Holy Tuesday, April 15, 2014 – I am not sure there is such a day as Holy Tuesday. That is probably an exclamatory from Batman and Robin. I am pretty sure Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday got the holy designation prior to Easter – especially if your church of choice is one of those kneeling kind with all of the Halo Statues standing and hanging around. But today is the beginning of Passover, income tax day and a full moon. I suppose if you are a Jewish accountant you are a little bit crazy today. I mailed my taxes this morning. When I owe money I always mail the envelope on the last day. I have owed money to the IRS for the last several years. I make too much money (thank you, General J.) and need some deductions. My options seem to be: get married, have a baby or buy a house. I am going to go with option number three and buy a house. A house doesn’t care if you leave your underwear throughout the place. One does not have to put braces on its teeth or send it to college. You do not have to post bail to get it out of jail. Definitely, going with the house purchase. More about that later. Tomorrow, which I am going to name, Willie Wednesday, I am playing golf at Willie Nelson’s golf course on the Pedernales River or what is left of it. All golf courses have rules, but Willie’s golf course rules are a bit different. For example, there are no tee times; Willie always gets to play through. One never questions the aroma in the air. Shirts are required except for the ladies. Should be interesting.

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