Lent Day Forty – One

Lent Day Forty – One

Monday, April 14, 2014 – “But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone” is not by the Hollies. It is by Chad and Jeremy. It is also a song by Foreigner. I at least got the country correct for Chad and Jeremy as part of the English invasion.  I see where we missed National Scrabble Day yesterday.  The celebration of the day coincides with the birthday of its inventor Alfred Mosher Butts. With a name like that, I bet he had a difficult time in school. This week is National Library Week. If you go to a library, you should look up Abraham Lincoln. If you do, you will see that April 14, 1865 marks the day John Wilkes Booth shot the President in the back of the head while he and Mrs. Lincoln attended Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC.  Booth jumped over the balcony and broke his leg in the process.  He escaped and was able to get to a farm house owned by the Samuel Mudd family.  Here he found a doctor who set his leg.  However, because the physician set the broken limb of the assassin, his name was vilified and the phrase “your name is mud,” became popular in referring to one who does a dastardly deed. Mudd went to prison because of his association with Booth. Even though President Andrew Johnson pardoned Mudd from any part of the conspiracy, the stigma remains. Repeated attempts by grandchildren to clear the doctor’s name have failed. This is as late as 2003, but with no success.  So if you do not know this story, then your name is… you got it, Mudd.  Would you rather your name be Butts?

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