Lent Day Forty-three

Lent Day – Forty – Three

Willie Wednesday, April 16, 2014 – Well. Wow. Willie weally wasn’t weally wonderful. If you are one of the couple of people who actually read this, you will recall that today I was going to play golf at The Perdenales Golf Club, aka Willie Nelson’s golf course in Spicewood, Texas. As far as atmosphere, I can say there is a certain element and energy of Williephere there. Today “the bus” was parked there. That usually means Willie is in town. No, I did not detect any unusual aromas emanating from the vehicle, but hey, it was 10 o’clock in the morning. Damn thing looked pretty air tight to me. This makes me wonder just how do those deputies who stop Willie’s bus because they “detected a smell” do it? They must have a powerful sense of smell. As far as golf, I think it is probably one of the best golf courses to: Number One: drink beer, or your pleasure of choice and play golf on; Number Two: hit as many balls to where the monkey’s “make out” as possible. I know my sister reads this, so no major fffing language, and Number Three: hit the longest drives since you picked up a golf club because of the “willie bounces.” The “fairways” are a might thin in terms of thick, luscious greens of some type of exotic grass besides what grows in your front yard, and they are filled with the rocks of The Hill Country. This makes the ground extraordinary hard. With the rocks, the ground’s hardness, and the hills, this causes the golf ball to take funny bounces and roll, roll, and roll and then roll down the hill some more yards.Even though, your normal drive distance is between 150 and 180 yards, today on Willie’s course, your drive just went between 275 and 300 yards from the tee box. No wonder the course is not allowed for your handicap. It was very frustrating golf. But… I got a score card from the course. I got a pencil from the course. I played the course. And I breathed the air that Willie Nelson breathed. Well, not that breathed, you know. And most importantly, Item on Bucket List – Play a round of golf at Willie Nelson’s golf course. Check. Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

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