Lent – Day Thirty-One

Lent – Day Thirty-One

Friday, April 4, 2014 – Today I am getting in the Way Back Machine with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and going to deep East Texas behind The Pine Curtain. I am going to Canton to the First Monday with my friend Karen Y – not to be confused with my other friend Karen R. who is walking with Jesus and the Emus this weekend.  Canton is one of the largest garage sales in the south. Whatever you are looking for it will be in Canton. However, we are staying in Athens, Texas. Not only because it is the closest wet county where alcohol can be purchased, but it had the cheapest rooms.  We are staying at the Victorian Inn.  In looking at the photos on the website, I feel sure it has served as the setting for many a grade B horror movie from the 1960’s and maybe a couple of local arrests.  I am taking a large canister of Lysol and if the guy at the front desk is named Norman and is a taxidermist, I think I will sleep in my car.  I am definitely not taking a shower. But I am leaving shortly after lunch and driving through the back roads from Austin until I reach Interstate 45. Then to Corsicana and a quick drive to Athens. I hope I see lots of Texas wild flowers.  Nevertheless, I have packed my “America, Love It or Leave It” bumper sticker and my Ted Cruz for President T-Shirt so I will fit in with the locals.  I really do not have either item, but I am sure I can purchase one in Canton. 

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