Lent Day Thirty-Two

Lent – Day Thirty – Two

Saturday, April 5, 2014 – Ahh, there is nothing like the allure of the banjo behind the needles of the pines along the upper Trinity River in East Texas. And there is no technology up there either. That is why there was nothing yesterday. So today I must write two paragraphs. I have just returned from East Texas. Athens, Texas to be more precise. East Texas is the kind of place where if God gave you a choice when you die, of going to Hell, or any town in East Texas, you would have to stop and think about your response. I made the pilgrimage to Canton for First Monday. That would be Canton, Texas, not Canton Ohio or Canton, China. You can Google the history of Canton, but Canton, Texas is the Mecca of Junk. During the Civil War, yes, the one that long ago, the Judge would come to Canton on the first Monday of each month to hold court. During the weekend proceeding the first Monday, people could come and trade their goods. Now days those goods range from beautiful antiques to tables of junk. I will tell of my purchases in the next paragraph. Driving to and through East Texas is interesting to say the least. Every other town seemed to have a Full Gospel church. By the way, the towns are only about 20 – 30 miles apart, just down the road a piece at the long stretches. I do not understand what Full Gospel means. The members only believe in half of the Gospels? Just the Gospels that being with “M?” Or just the Gospels they like? There are so many trailer houses and metal buildings, tornadoes could feed for days and never get hungry in East Texas. It is pretty easy to spot out-of-towners in Canton and East Texas. We are the ones who have all of our teeth, do not drive a truck and do not bling out our full Gospel T-Shirts, flip-flops, belts purses and hair. I have difficulty seeing Jesus in rhinestones, but who am I to say? There is a tractor trade next weekend in Canton if you are interested. If you decide to go, there is also the Knife and Tomahawk competition in Malakoff and the Civil War weekend celebration near Mexia. Have fun. I wonder if the residents of Canton are called Cantonese?

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