Lent Day Thirty

Lent – Day Thirty

Thursday, April 3, 2014 – It is really the thirtieth day of Lent? I just realized Lent is longer than forty days. The forty days refer to the forty days before Palm Sunday. Remember? Jesus? Desert? Devil? I believe I said I would do this until Easter. I was thinking ten more days. I always was calendar challenged. Now I must think of more topics. My friend, Karen R., who never reads this, is going on a Walk to Emmaus this weekend. When she first told me, I thought she said Walk with the Emus and I thought it to be some type of wildlife adventure. But it is not. It is a spiritual retreat. No technology allowed. Just a Closer Walk With He. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Speaking of walking, I see where the new University of Texas Football coach is making the players walk to the stadium for football practice. Previously, they rode buses the one-half mile to practice. ONE-HALF MILE. That is about 2400 steps. The poor babies. Can you imagine? A half-mile walk for some of the fittest athletes around. Not only has this coach forced these sacred cows to walk, he expects them to attend class, sit on the first two rows and he and his staff ensure they are in compliance by checking on them. No wonder your last name is Strong. And the Aggies have suspended a bunch of players including a promising quarterback. Really, Kenny? In the flower planter? Face-down? What a country-western song you are. “I was passed out drunk, faced-down in a planter when the College Station Police arrested me; I couldn’t tell you the name of the president, or any other things, you know, but I used to play for football for Texas A&M, now where did my career go?” Where do you people think you are? LSU? Que Sera Sera. It is Doris Day’s 90th Birthday.

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