Lent Day Twenty-Five

Lent – Day Twenty-Five

Saturday, March 29, 2014 – What? You were expecting something BEFORE The Fighting Texas Aggie Women played DePaul? Dear DePaul, Welcome to the SEC. If you think our basketball teams are good, you should see us play football. Live by the 3-point shot; die by the 3-point shot. As I predicted Texas A&M plays UConn on Monday. And the Bears of Baylor play the Irish of Notre Dame. And who was the last team to beat Notre Dame and Little Miss Muffet? It was Kim’s Baylor Bears in December of 2012. Gonna be tough on the ND home court though. From the men’s bracket – Chomp. Chomp. Give those other teams some Gator Aid. I read a comment that someone’s son is arranging his entire schedule around the Final Four next weekend in North Texas. First, the announcers say the Final Four is in North Texas because nobody knows where Denton is. Second, I see nothing wrong with arranging one’s life around an athletic event. My family arranges their entire fall and spring schedules around athletic events and that could be just the games that are on television. So here’s to the Baylor Bears and the Texas Aggies. Make the state of Texas proud. BTHOUC! WHOOP!

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