Lent Day – Twenty-Six

Lent Day – Twenty-Six

Sunday, March 30, 2014 – My apologies. It seems I spoke in cult language in yesterday’s entry. BTHO is an Aggie yell meaning Beat The Hell Outta. So BTHOUC! means Beat The Hell Outta UConn! May I suggest you adjust or clean your glasses? That last symbol is an exclamation point and not the letter “I.” That could account for the inability to figure it out. Our question for today is “What is the mascot or nickname of Stanford University?” It is my understanding that this question has won and continues to win drinks in bar bets. Therefore, it is critical to pay attention. If you said a dancing tree made from green cloth patches, you would be incorrect. The tree is the mascot of the Stanford Band. By the way, if you are the Tree, you have to make your own green patch outfit. If you said Cardinals, you would again be wrong. Many moons ago, the mascot was an “Indian.” It was dropped in 1972 which I am certain involved a protest. From 1972-1981, the official nickname was the Cardinals. During the 1970’s suggestions of nicknames included: Robber Barons in reference to founder Leland Stanford; Trees; just the plain kind I suppose; Sequoias; like who can spell that? Spikes; Huns and Griffins. Those were the names on the ballots. Can you imagine what did not make the list? The Inventors? The LSD Trippers? The Protestors? The Griffins seems to gain momentum in that two statues of Griffins were placed outside the athletic dorm. Finally, I guess the University president had had enough or did not like Griffins, but on November 17, 1981, he declared that athletic teams would be represented by the color cardinal in singular form. Stanford University has no mascot. Drink up!

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