Lent Day Twenty-Four

Lent – Day Twenty-four

Friday, March 28, 2014 – And Then There Was None! No Big 12 basketball teams remain in The Tournament. My winner of Florida still holds as the teams move to The Elite Eight. Nevertheless, how many days until football season begins? Did you ever read Agatha Christi’s And Then There Were None? This was the novel I read in Senior English IV taught by Mrs. Wanda Traugh. The book was originally published in England in 1939 as Ten Little Niggers. Ouch. The American publication changed the poem, which serves as the theme, to Ten Little Indians. Hmm. Not much better. But the point is ten people die in a variety of ways as described in the poem Ten Little Indians until “there was none” leaving one to wonder in this great who done it of how it ends?” This book is one of the best-selling mystery novels of all time and one of the best-selling novels. When Mrs. Traugh ordered a class set of the novel for senior English, she was asked to justify the purchase. Her response was “Well, it is British and it will become literature.” Little did she know. As I said, there was a class set. One only got to read while in class. A careful count of the books was taken at the end of class to ensure no one slipped a copy out of class to finish. We were only allowed to read certain chapters and not allowed to skip ahead. One time, Mrs. Traugh realized that Larry the Firebird had read faster than then rest of us. She snatched the book from him and refused to allow him to read further. It is now that point in The Big Dance. All but eight have been eliminated. However, as in the novel, there is always one left.

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