An Update on the Naming of the School

An Update on the Naming of the School

The As Yet Unnamed Home School of One (AYUHSOO) issued a Request for Names on October 19, 2010. Since that time three official names were submitted according to the directions.

Several other names were submitted through nontraditional means.  However, given the dearth of names the Request for Names deadline has been extended to one week from today – November 26 2010.

In an effort to stimulate your creativity the names submitted plus others are listed below.

As noted in the RFQ in the event a sufficient number of names are not submitted an alternative selection method will be employed.  This method, known as FVM, or feline vomitus method, will be used.

In the event this method does bring the desired results, the selection method deployed by King Richard of Hairspray will be used.  I will pick my favorite submitted by my friends.

As promised the names submitted are listed below.

  • Scholastic Haven for Intellectuals and Technology
  • Socratic Hell for Institutions and Technology
  • Down Under Home School with a Kangaroo mascot named Joey
  • Brain Whiz with a cheese whiz mascot
  • Glow ball Glowing Balls
  • School Daze
  • Sub Par Home School
  • Taks Akademy
  • Golden Reefers
  • Yo Yo Homey School
  • The Cat Flat Flat
  • Ennui (ennui is a noun meaning and utter feeling of weariness and discontent resulting from boredom or lack of interest)
  • The Surfeit (not to be confused with The Sorbonne) – an excess or uncomfortable full or crapulous feeling due to excessive eating or drinking

Let’s see you top these. Otherwise I will overfeed the cat to ensure a sufficient quantity of projectile expulsions.





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