Important Announcement

Important Announcement from the ASUHSOO Communication Department.

A Public Service Announcement regarding FEEDBACK

Thank you for reading Here’s What I’m Thinking.  Why you take an interest in this is beyond me. However, your assistance is requested.

There is a box at the beginning of an entry that allows you to comment. When you click on link another boxes will appear that allow you to provide feedback.

1. There is a box to check if you like the entry. While it is not necessary to like an entry, if you do find it amusing CHECK THE BOX.

2.  When you check the comment box, there is another box at the end of an entry that allows you make a comment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE YOUR REAL NAME. The only person who knows the source of the comment is me and most of the time I am unable to tell from your email address.

3. There is a box at the end of an entry that allows you to be notified when there are new entries. CHECK THE BOX. This will keep you from getting behind.  Remember some of these are current events.  Therefore it is imperative that you stay current.

If you are unable to follow these directions, please call some one in India for technical assistance.

If you are unwilling to following these directions, consider yourself like most people who have little interest in the educational institution, including parents.

Thank you for your support.

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