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Northwest Flight # 188 Pilots

To the Pilots of Northwest Flight # 188

Here’s to the pilots of Northwest Flight # 188 for overshooting the Minneapolis airport and being lost for one hour and 18 minutes.

Ground control to Major Tom


HAL –O Can you hear us? Or were you on a 2009 Space Odyssey into Canada? Not to be confused with David Bowie Hallo Space Boy and Major Tom.

You were lost in your laptop for one hour and 18 minutes? I have had relationships that did not last that long. Heck, I’ve known people that were not even married that long. I do not care what spin is being spun, the Airplane was on auto pilot like the blow up doll from the movie of the same name! Don’t call me Shirley!

It doesn’t matter what I am thinking. What were you thinking? And what was so interesting on the laptops that both of you were so captivated as to not notice one hour and 18 minutes slip away? Ninety-eight minutes as the news likes to say because it sounds less ominous as almost ONE and one-half HOURS lost in space.

Was William Shatner seeing little gremlins on the wings ala Twilight Zone episode 123 of Season Five in 1963?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nightmare_at_20,000_Feet

And Ground Control? How long do you wait before you start looking? Isn’t that what military aircraft are supposed to do? Were you waiting on the Royal Canadian Air Force?

You know you can get Ground Control to Major Tom as the ring tone of your cell phone. Might help break the monotony.

BTW – Have you seen the new ABC series Flash Forward? It is a sci-fi thriller about the entire planet blacking out for two minutes and 17 seconds.  I bet you were the pilot test. What did you see in your future?