Friday, May 19, 2023 – Give Me a Head With Hair –  Prurient Sex and Martha Stewart

Friday, May 19, 2023 – Give Me a Head With Hair –  Prurient Sex and Martha Stewart

Let begin with Tales from the 2023 Texas Legislature The CROWN Act, House Bill 567, was also passed the Texas Senate. Crown stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World of Natural Hair. It prohibits discrimination based on hair texture or protective hair styles associated with race.

I think it is sad that legislation must be passed regarding hair. Haven’t we already done the hair thing once? Perhaps there should be a T-Shirt that reads – Don’t Mess With Texans’ Hair.

However, evidently the Texas Legislature can tell you what constitutes a sexually explicit performance.

From the dark alleyways in Austin, Texas — The Texas House gave initial approval to a bill restricting children from seeing “sexually explicit” performances on Friday. The bill was originally designed to restrict kids from attending drag shows, but its most recent version seeks to criminalize any live performance that the bill defines as sexual. It defines a sexually explicit performance as one in which someone is nude or appeals to the “prurient interest in sex.” 

According to Rep. Shaheen, “There is a growing trend to expose children to more and more sexual content,” said Shaheen introducing the bill on Friday. “Have you watched any TV shows? Any cable or streaming services productions?

On Friday, Republican state Rep. Matt Shaheen of Plano cited the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of prurient interests, which is defined as “erotic, lascivious, abnormal, unhealthy, degrading, shameful, or morbid interest in nudity, sex, or excretion,” though the language’s interpretation varies by community.

Mr. Shaheen? WTF? Prurient interest? Morbid? Excretion? What kind of drag shows have you been going to? I am thinking you have been attending some of those urban legend shows along Texas/Mexican borders. The ones with donkeys or the Coca-Cola bottles? Mr. Shaheen? I have been to many drag shows and I have never seen anything shameful, morbid or degrading. And the performances were not “reserved for sexually oriented businesses.”

Are you OK with clowns, Sir? Those are people who wear make up and wear weird funky clothes too. Please Google John Wayne Gacy.

Moving on. Martha, My Dear. What were you thinking? I think you have been hanging around Snoop Dog too much. You are 81 years old and posing on the cover of Sports Illustrated. You can have lots of fabrics draped over you, but we all know that is still some saggy skin under neath.

Seriously, I like the fact Martha Stewart did this. Let’s hear for the old people! Please know that I plan to get a swimsuit, then go to the beach and have some photos taken. Remind me to purchase an extra large beach towel.

I do hope that Rep. Shaheen does not think Martha’s cover does not appeal to the “prurient interest in sex.”  Most drag shows I have attended the participants wore way more clothes than most of the SI models.

And finally, I end on a sad note. One of my consistent readers, Big Solid, passed away on Mother’s Day. He played football for Mississippi State and intercepted a pass from Alabama’s Joe Namath and returned it for a touchdown. He was always mentioned on my Monday, After College Football Awards. I always gave the Big Solid Award for an interception.This fall there will be a special Big Solid Award. Thoughts and prayers for your family!

One response to “Friday, May 19, 2023 – Give Me a Head With Hair –  Prurient Sex and Martha Stewart

  1. Thank you Delia for the heads up on Big Solid. He LOVED reading your posts, as do I. We will indeed endeavor to keep the Big Solid award active and pertinent (not prurient). J


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